By Duane The Great Writer

  • “Almost Everyone likes Pizza! Pizza is Fun! Pizza is also Not the best so-called 'food' to eat too much, as it really may not be a Food at all. Your basic Pizza is made from Processed Bleached White Four, GMO Oils, Carcinogenic Infected Chemically Induced Cheeses&Meats that are sometimes heated or reheated in Radioactive Microwave Ovens! Sound Good to YOU? Pizza Tastes Good, just as This World has its own 'taste' and we are ALL Seeing what 'seems' to Look Good & Taste Good too, but is it? From The RealSide ALLLifeIS, DuanU has Many RealExperiences, and many people do, and one such RealSide Experience is where DuanU was in a Square Room with people sitting on a bench the length of each wall that was attached to the wall all around the room. But, the people who were sitting on the bench, and shoulder to shoulder all stuffed together, did Not look like individual people, as they ALL Looked like Flat Separate Pizza Dough's stuck together and side by side. DuanU tried to put his hand between one of them, but they were too stuck together and to each other, as He could not get his hand thru. In other words, DuanU could Not Get Thru to Them with a NUVU that would As'IS'st Them into Becoming MoreAware to Freee ThemSelves from Reptilian TapLining. With DuanU's RealAwarenisss, He could Seee that these particular people were the Paying DumbedDown MemberShrimps of Reptilian Harry&Joanee Klump of the EEKONkar Korporation that has become a Distorted TakeOver of what REBISAR&PALL (Eckankar) created in 1965 to 1971. The Distorted Reptilian Joanne Korporation 'appears' to be something and the marketing ploy of it 'looks good' but underneath and lurking behind the curtains and in the shadows is 'The TapLining Influence' that Duane The Great Writer refers to in His NUBooks. The Reptilian Kalaum God Grog (Lord God of the Dribble Bribble) has MANipulated almost Everything&Everyone on This World and Other Worlds, Galaxies, Dimensions&Levels in This CreationBubble to be Slaves and Subservient to His created 'illusions' and Maya in This Creation Simulator! Sound like a Flash Gordon & Masters of The Universe Adventure? IT IS for Those who can SEEE IT! Most UNaware People Cannot SeeeThru the DeceptiveDistortions of the WorldKontrollers and ALL the Nonsense they have created to keep unaware people ReCycling into More UNconscious Lifetimes of Even Worse Conditions on This Planet Earth. Why did We Each come Here? To get a Job and be Poisoned? To Purposely&Blindly Ruin The ALLNatural Environment Supporting Everything Here? What Really Makes Sense? YOU&EVERYONE Here Decided to Come Here to WakeUP Completely from Restricting Cause&Effect Creation and the Abusive Authoritarian Slave Systems-AASS that have Appointed ThemSelves as The HUman Farming Bosses to Ruin Everything Here! Only YOU can Decide when You will Do This! ~~~ WakeUP with REBISAR&DUANEVA & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides who can Show YOU&YU, The RealU, Your RealAwarenisss, how to Freee YourSelf from Everything Restricting You and then You Can Learn to SeeeMorrre with US! TAKE THE RISK TO SEEEMORRRE! SING 'NU~U~U~U' & ASK REBISAR & PALL & DUANEVA & The ReALLL UNUversal Guides on The RealSide ALLLifeIS and Learn to SeeeThru This SurfaceWorld of Appearances!...YOUR CHOICE! Ask USA~Valdis Vitols (Dean Val~NUUU) & UK~Kevin Smith (Dean Kevin~NUUU) on Facebook to Join a Skype NUGroup. StepUP & Become MoreAware & DU Something ReALLL with US! WEE E'DU'CATORS~Wonderful Environment E'DU'cators 'IS' REALLL & WEE REDUALLL (REBISAR&DUANEVA&PALL) for Everyone Here! Listen to ~ 'THE VISITOR RETURNS' ~ Wednesdays 9PM Pacific Time USA on Facebook with Conference Call Call-ins (720)740.9635 (access code:4901769) with Tim Von Pinnon to Listen & Talk with US. For More Warnings: Seee the Movie 'KNOWING' with Nicolas Cage! (Produced by Reptilian ShapeShifters who are Burning This World with DEW & Laser Blasting the SUN!

    Duane The Great Writer is making HimSelf Available for Those who want to KnowMorrre & SeeeMorrre & BeeeMorrre than just having another ‘ordinary’ unaware life on This Purposely Poisoned Planet! Create Your NU’Seee’sion with Duane The Great Writer and D’IS’cusss any topic You Like! Here IS Some Examples to D’IS’cusss… Personal, Financial, Relationships, Dreams, Government, 5G, GMO, ChemTrails, Vaccines, HAARP, Military, Secret Service, Spying, Subliminal TapLining, Conspiracy, Angels, Gods, Fairys, Ghosts, Aliens, Reptilians, Religious, Spiritual, Governments, Monarchy, and anything that pertains to what You are Experiencing in This CreationBubble. And Also… The ReALLL UNUversisss of RealFreeedom! Learn to Get Your Own Answers! NU’SEEE’SIONS Start at: 30 Minutes @ $1 (One US Dollar into PayPal) a Minute and can be as much time as needed. (and Yes, the way DUANU Writes His NUWords Refers to Something Morrre than what is known Here, and this is where You Decide to Recogn’IS’e What IS ReALLL Now with ALLLife or continue on as You have with just another PersonalLife in an Aging BodyForm). Contact: KEVIN SMITH UK & DEAN VAL on Facebook&YouTube.

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    The RealWakeUp Now. Creation.

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    The RealWakeUp Now. Creation.

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